Dock Street Capital Management LLC is the market’s leading structured credit auction and liquidation agent. The firm has advised clients and run auctions on structured credit portfolios and credit default swaps with an aggregate principal balance of over $54 billion in current face value (over 11,000 unique CUSIPs).

Approximately 90% of this total (~$48 billion) has been through managing “public” auctions on behalf of banks and trustees overseeing CDO portfolio liquidations. The remaining 10% represents liquidations of private portfolios (“BWIC”s) of both cash and synthetic (“CDS”) positions with an aggregate principal balance of over $5 billion.

Experience in all Market Conditions

  • Leading structured credit auction and liquidation agent since the company’s inception in 2009 – with over USD 54 billion in auctioned collateral
  • Advisor to multiple European Banks on portfolio valuation, asset sales, and security restructurings
  • Lead agent on over 100 ABS CDO portfolio liquidations with an aggregate original principal balance of over USD 90 billion
  • Specialist in providing private auction services to trading desks and risk management groups with over USD 8 billion in private auctions
  • Leading third party BWIC/OWIC manager of Credit Default Swap positions